Visual Language Learning for a Visual World

The first AI-powered instant object translator

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aiSHO Doesn't Just Translate, it Understands

aiSHO learns as we do, by seeing - To build AI capable of identifying all the complex nuances of our physical world, we are utilizing the most recent advancements in the field in a simple to use, point-and-learn format.

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Vitaly Taranov

For Travelers

Our basic FREE version is perfect for travelers who need to know words on the spot so they can focus on new experiences, not stress. We will also be rolling out a game for you to uncover rare objects to get the most out of being in a new land :)

Tran Mau Tri Tam

For Language Learners

Our premium version is great for visual learners to learn a variety of languages in an ad-free environment. Save items that you want to remember and study from our flashcard quiz so you don't forget it. Check out our video below:

The A(i) Team

Not your typical Japanese startup :) But we love a challenge!

Jared Fullwiler

Product Manager

From USA > Ohio University > JP Morgan > Mitsubishi UFJ > Dentsu Creative X > Hustler

Akshay Kale

Android Developer

Rakuten > Jack of all trades


Front-end developer

From the streets to the top

Mizuki Nakada


国際スパイ > 何でも出来るぞ

Edan Meyer

Python/ ML Developer

Break-dancer/ vlogger/ Machine learning learning machine

Winning Product of 「Junction Tokyo Hackathon」 2018

The largest hackathon in Japan, the judges loved our well-rounded product, potential for wide market penetration, and also our good looks ;)

aiSHO gets 2nd place at 「Angelhack」 in Osaka!

Your favorite startup wowed the judges in the biggest hackathon in Japan's 2nd largest city!

aiSHO gets 3rd place at 「Hack Zurich」 in Switzerland!

The perfect option for every occasion

Basic Translate Version

  • See instant translations
  • Super simple Point-and-Learn
  • In-app ads

Language Learners Version

$5 month
  • $5/month or $40/year
  • Ad-free
  • Save translations to easily revert to later

Classroom Education Version

  • Customized for education institutions
  • *Discounts available

Collaborate with us?

We are working hard training aiSHO to constantly learn new objects, and while aiSHO is currently enjoying helping those learn new languages, her vast Object Bank could also be used for other applications. Have any ideas? Don't be shy!

Kelly Sikkema

For Children and Schools

One of the main benefits of aiSHO is it's so easy to use, a child can use it. aiSHO is a great tool to help jump-start language learning for children who mainly absorb information visually. We are working on customizing aiSHO for use in schools and at home.

Built With Launchaco
Built With Launchaco